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1. UniMAP Invention Exhibition 2014

2. ITEX 2014

3. Gold Medal At AYIE 2014

4. Gold Medal And Vice Chancellor Award At I-ENVEX 2014

5. Industry Training 2012

6. Best Of The Best Invention, IYIA 2014, Jakarta

7. UniMAP Invention EXPO 2015

8. ITEX EXPO 2015, KLCC (Piezoresistive Accelerometer MEMS Sensor Formation by Laser Micromachining - Silver Medal)

9. Innovate Malaysia (Altera Track) 2015 (Shoe Insole Using FPGA Implementation - TOP 5 National Grand Finale Award)

10. IRIA EXPO 2015, UUM Kedah (Gait Based Biometrics Identification For Security Application - Bronze Medal) 



11. Two Gold medals at UniMAP EREKA 2016:  MEMS Structure Realization Using KrF Laser Micromachining & Micro Fabrication Of MEMS Structure Using Advanced Anti -Stiction HF Release Process

12. Six Silver medals at UniMAP EREKA 2016

13. 27/01/2016 Participated in UniMAP EREKA 2016 at UniMAP, Pauh. AMBIENCE won 2 gold Medals & 6 silver Medals. Gold medals for title of MEMS Structure Realization using KrF Laser Micromachining & Micro Fabrication of MEMS Structure using Advanced Anti-Stiction HF Release Process



14. 12-14/05/2016 Participated in ITEX 2016 at KLCC. AMBIENCE won Gold Medal & special award from Asia Invention Association (AIA) for title of MEMS Structure Realization using KrF Laser Micromachining

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